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We make punched parts in presses with cutting tools as well as thermally cut blanks (fibre laser/plasma) from cloth, metal fibre cloth, laminates and perforated sheets, as well as metal gaskets as flat gaskets and/or diaphragm gaskets. Our system technology is designed for sheet thicknesses from 8 mm stainless steel to 500 mesh. Circular blanks or other geometric shapes from 4 mm to 2,200 mm are possible.  As larger contours greater than 400 mm are usually requested in small quantities, production is carried out by fibre laser cutting. If blanks with a diameter of more than 2,200 mm are required, these are manufactured from several individual parts and then welded together.

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Brochure and Data Sheet: BASICS 1

Metal Wire Cloths for Sieves and Filters

Brochure and Data Sheet: BASICS 4

Metal Cloth Laminates


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