Electrical Technology

As diverse as the metal wire cloth - as diverse is its function

PACO develops bespoke and application-specific solutions to protect electronic systems and devices from interference such as electromagnetic radiation as well as to keep out particles and impurities that could damage sensitive components. This is possible through the highly precise geometry of PACO meshes, the variety of materials available, the combinations of mesh widths and wire thicknesses as well as the extensive experience of PACO specialists.

Special PACO EMI cloths block unwanted electromagnetic radiation and help to ensure the integrity of circuits. In consumer electronics, PACO metal wire cloths in loudspeakers, headphones, microphones and other technical devices ensure long-term performance and sound quality by helping to transmit sound waves and keep dust and contamination away from internal components. To prevent electronic devices from overheating and being damaged, PACO metal wire cloth is used in heat sinks and housing components, where its open structure allows air to circulate effectively.

As screen cylinders in smoke detectors, meshes prevent the penetration of foreign particles. They retain dirt particles and microplastics in dishwashers and act as lint filters in tumble dryers.

As a leading manufacturer of screen-printing meshes, PACO precision meshes are also the material of choice for printing the finest and densest conductor paths with high edge definition and optimum register accuracy.

PACO is your partner for:

  • Lightning strike protection
  • Cryogenics
  • Smoke detectors
  • Electromagnetic shielding
  • White goods
  • (Protective) wire cloths for loudspeakers, microphones, sensors and other technical devices
  • Screen printing cloths for (flexible) printed circuit boards, electronic displays, diaphragm


Quality requirements that only a PACO product can meet

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