PACO GmbH is actively committed to sustainable production and has taken the following measures in recent years to reduce its carbon footprint.

Climate-friendly natural resources

Climate Pact and Schlüchtern Forest of the Future

PACO is actively committed to climate protection and sustainability in the region. We have been a member of the Schlüchtern Climate Pact since 2021 and are committed to the preservation and growth of our region. At the same time, we support the "Schlüchtern Forest of the Future" initiative and thus contribute to the preservation and sustainable development of forest areas.

Our commitment to climate protection and sustainability is proof that we are committed to fulfilling our responsibility towards the environment and community. Thanks to our involvement in the Schlüchtern Forest of the Future, we are now 100% carbon-neutral.

Strengthening the region

At PACO, we are committed to supporting the regional labour market and creating new jobs. We are proud of the fact that we create long-term employment opportunities for our employees with our comprehensive induction and onboarding programmes. In addition, we train apprentices ourselves in numerous professions and see our trainee programmes as an investment in the future – both for the region and for our colleagues. Our ongoing and advanced training programmes ensure that our employees always benefit from cutting edge, future-proof specialist knowledge.

We also demonstrate our strong ties with the region through a wide range of other initiatives. As a dependable partner to our community, we are dedicated to local partnerships and are active in community projects through our cooperation with the aid organisation Caritas, which manufactures individual components for us.

Green energy

Since 2022, PACO GmbH has been exclusively using green electricity from renewable energy sources and environmentally friendly nitrogen at its sites in Steinau an der Straße and Schlüchtern, which is produced and transported by its supplier using 100% green power. As a result, the PACO GmbH annealing plant has achieved complete CO2 neutrality.


Made in Germany certificate

The "Made in Germany" certificate is awarded to products that are manufactured in Germany and fulfil stringent quality standards. Paul GmbH & Co. KG has received this certificate for its metal cloth and metal cloth filters, which means that these products are manufactured in Germany and comply with exacting quality and performance requirements.

ISO 50001 accreditation

ISO 50001 is an internationally recognised standard for energy management systems. Implementing an energy management system compliant with ISO 50001 involves analysing energy consumption in all areas of the company and identifying opportunities to improve energy efficiency.

The entire PACO Group has been ISO 50001 certified since 2021 and is committed to continuously improving its energy efficiency, making its energy flows transparent and reducing its CO2 emissions. 

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Certified Proof of Origin - PACO Group

Packaging and transport

Sustainable packaging materials

The PACO Group has recognised that using plastic packaging in industry and retail has a significant negative impact on the environment. In order to minimise this impact, we have set ourselves the goal of continuously optimising our in-house and customer packaging and switching to more sustainable alternatives. In addition, we are encouraging suppliers and customers in the surrounding area to adopt and reuse durable plastic containers.

Climate-neutral freight forwarding

We have recognised that the transport of your goods has a significant effect on the environment, particularly through the emission of greenhouse gases and air pollutants. To minimise this impact, PACO works with climate-neutral freight forwarders such as GLS.

Corporate initiatives

Workplace suggestions scheme

PACO is actively committed to continuously improving its operational processes and has implemented a workplace suggestion scheme that allows employees to submit suggestions for improving processes and reducing waste, material losses and energy consumption.

One example of a successful implementation of suggestions for improvement is the installation of high-speed doors in the buildings run by PACO GmbH. The installation of the doors has reduced heat loss in winter and consequently lowered energy consumption. This measure not only helps to reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions, but also increases energy efficiency and improves the working environment for our staff.

EcoVadis platform

PACO is aware that customers increasingly value sustainable business practices and expect companies to comply with environmental, ethical, human rights and supply chain standards. To be sure that we fulfil these expectations, the company has created up-to-date questionnaires relating to these key issues.

These questionnaires enable customers to gain a detailed insight into PACO GmbH's sustainability practices and to check whether they correspond to their own requirements and standards. 

Conflict Minerals Report

PACO is committed to responsible sourcing and the protection of human rights in its supply chains. An important part of these efforts is the compilation of a Conflict Minerals Report based on the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act.

We are committed to ensuring that the company only sources minerals from certified mines, thereby avoiding the use of conflict minerals. We work closely with our suppliers and conduct regular audits to ensure that the minerals originate from responsible sources.

E-bike leasing

PACO values sustainability and protection of the environment and is actively committed to climate-neutral mobility. Which is why we offer our employees the opportunity to lease a company bike. In this way, we not only want to reduce the CO2 emissions of our employees during their commute to work, but also promote the health and fitness of our workforce. The company bike-leasing scheme is highly regarded by our employees and is an important part of our measures for a more sustainable future.