Architecture & Design

High-quality aesthetics, unique feel and innovative technology

With its fine texture, sheen and high-quality appearance, PACO metal wire cloth has an aesthetically pleasing appearance that is appreciated by (product) designers and architects alike. As a design element, it has found its way into interior design, where it has opened up new possibilities for ceiling design in the shape of cylinders.

PACO's metal wire cloth also excels in conventional product designs, from tea strainers used by well-known premium manufacturers of kitchen accessories to decorative inlays in furniture and motor vehicles.

PACO precision metal wire cloth is also used in decorative screen-printing, providing porcelain plates with their elegant decor, beer glasses with their lavish gold ornamentation and coffee mugs with their striking brand logos. Regardless of whether it is accurate 24-colour printing, electrically heated printing screens for thermoplastic inks (e.g. ceramic screen-printing) or printing with precious metals such as gold, platinum or cobalt - PACO stainless steel screens are always the material of choice.


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