Cloth Strips / Coil Strips

Made according to your requirements

Cloth strips/coils without a welded seam can be supplied up to max. 3,200 mm (max. weaving width). If wide cloth strips/rolls are required, they can be manufactured using suitable welding processes. Cloth strips of up to 6 mm can be produced from the 1.00 m / 1.35 m / 1.53 m / 2.04 m / 3.20 m standard widths in stock according to customer requirements.

Cloth rolls are produced in standard lengths of 30 / 60 / 100 running metres. In some projects, wire cloth rolls of up to 600 running metres can be produced without a welded seam. With welded seam, > 1000 running metres can be produced by being rewound.

As an additional treatment, we offer various cleaning processes (hydrous / ultrasonic / thermal) as well as calendering, solution annealing and vacuum annealing (high / fine vacuum).

Technical data

Brochure and Data Sheet: BASICS 1

Metal Wire Cloths for Sieves and Filters


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