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The development of energy sources and production of energy itself can only be realised safely and efficiently with sophisticated filtration and separation solutions. Particularly high pressures, extreme temperatures and the aggressive chemicals and physical stresses that often occur are characteristic of these areas of application.

In oil and gas extraction, PACO filter wire cloths ensure greater efficiency, for example through so-called "sand control screens", which are plasma-cut and, if required, ultrasonically cleaned and annealed in a vacuum furnace. High-precision PACO screen printing wire cloths play a key role as stencil carriers in solar cell technology and in photovoltaic systems. And with specially developed filter cartridges for hot gas filtration, wood gas can be obtained by burning wood chips and pellets, which in turn is used as fuel for combustion engines that generate electricity via turbines.

For the production and storage of hydrogen, metal wire mesh has proven to be a fundamental component in electrolysis systems, where it is used to split water into hydrogen and oxygen. The metal wire cloth, sometimes in the form of a laminate, serves as an electrode material as well as a gas diffusion layer (GDL) or porous transport layer (PTL) where its high conductivity helps to carry out the electrolysis process efficiently. From a technical point of view, the fuel cell is very similar to electrolyser technology, which is why our wire cloth is also used here. Do you want to increase the efficiency of your electrolyser or fuel cell? Then get in touch with us.

PACO is your partner for:

Renewable energy

  • Electrode material for the production and storage of hydrogen
  • Gas diffusion layers (GDL)
  • Porous transport layers (PTL)
  • Hot gas filter elements
  • Screen printing cloth for photovoltaic systems
  • Innovative battery technology
  • Reusable bag filters
  • Regenerator for Stirling engines made from heat-resistant wire cloths

Crude oil and natural gas production

  • Crude oil filters (SKF series)
  • Sand control screens
  • Seawater filters for heat exchangers

Power stations

  • Start-up filters
  • Cartridge filter systems
  • Sieve basket filters

Nuclear technology

  • Flame arresters
  • Gas mixers
  • Gel dryers
  • Delay beds

Pipelines and pumping stations

  • HSA self-cleaning automatic filters
  • Sieve basket filters
  • Y-type and T-type strainers

Refineries and cracking

  • Cartridge filter systems
  • PACO Highflow filter cloths with increased dirt holding capacity and increased flow rates
  • Recycle gas filters


Quality requirements that only a PACO product can meet

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Metal Fibre Cloths


Flat Filters


Filter Candles


Pressure Filter Baskets


Metal Wire Mesh




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