Wood & Paper

Sustainable solutions for the wood and paper industries

Wood processing as well as the recycling of wood waste and the production of paper require a wide range of filtration and separation operations. PACO supplies screen cloths and screen frames for tumbler screening machines used to produce chipboard, including an extensive re-screening service and a customer-oriented logistics service to supply screen cloths and transport the screens to and from the customer.

When recycling waste paper, so-called disk thickeners are often used to dewater the pulp during the manufacturing process. PACO not only supplies the necessary stainless steel mesh, but also offers an innovative joining technology for re-covering disc thickeners, which eliminates the need for soldering and significantly reduces re-screening costs. PACO filter elements are also used as regenerative components in hydraulic systems for paper machines, thereby improving sustainability by avoiding disposable elements. In addition, specially developed filter candles for hot gas filtration can be used to produce wood gas by burning wood chips and pellets, which in turn are used as fuel for the combustion engines that generate electricity through turbines.

PACO is your partner for:

Paper manufacturing:

  • Screen cloth and re-screening service for disc thickeners
  • Filter elements for hydraulic systems

Wood processing:

  • Screens for tumbler screening machines
  • Filter elements for wood gasification


Quality requirements that only a PACO product can meet

Cloth Strips / Coil Strips


Filter Candles


Pressure Filter Baskets


Hooked Screens


Screen Frame and Covering


Metal Wire Mesh