Filter Candles

multi-layer structure / smooth or pleated / replaceable support bodies

We maximise the filter surface!

Filter candles (commonly also known as filter cartridges or filter elements) consist of different filter media such as metal wire cloth and fabric laminates that are used as surface filters with predominantly a mechanical filtration effect. When metal fibre fleeces are used, filtration is both mechanical and absorptive within the filter medium as a deep-bed filter. It is also possible to apply non-metallic media such as glass fibre and/or paper. Candles are available in a smooth, cylindrical design, but also in a pleated design, that increases the filter surface area.

Our modular filter cartridges allow the filter sleeve to be replaced so that low-wear components such as fittings, support bodies etc. can be reused. This solution not only provides significant cost savings, but also reduces the impact on the environment by minimising material waste.

With our experience in a wide range of industries, we are also happy to help you optimise your existing filter elements.

Technical data

Brochure and Data Sheet: BASICS 1

Metal Wire Cloths for Sieves and Filters

Brochure and Data Sheet: BASICS 4

Metal Cloth Laminates

Brochure: PACO Filtrenergy

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