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In many industrial manufacturing processes, filtering turbidity out of liquids is an important process step. This is usually achieved using a combination of candle and disc filters (also known as plate filters) and filtration agents, such as silica gel or diatomaceous earth, which form a filter cake on the filter itself – together with the turbid particles. If required, the filter cake is spun outwards by rotating the filter plates, where it slides down over the edges of the tank housing. This type of filter is known as a centrifugal high-performance filter or CHF for short. The basis of this filtration technology in horizontal filters is provided by disc-shaped, single-sided filter elements in a pressure vessel.

The circular metallic filter meshes are mounted on a base plate and fixed at the edge, e.g. with a clamping ring. The filter meshes are usually only loosely supported and therefore tend to ripple to a greater or lesser extent. This may lead to cracks and craters in the filter cake, which may jeopardise filtration quality by allowing turbidity to pass through. PACO filter plates offer a solution to this problem through the exceptional inherent stability of the filter mesh and its high-quality workmanship. The mesh is fixed in place using a pre-tensioning system and – depending on the design of the plate – fitted with pre-calculated tension values. As a service, PACO also offers the treatment of all popular brands of horizontal filters (e.g. Seitz Schenk, Della Toffola, Bucher Unipektin, Funda) as well as complete remanufacturing.

As a variant, PACO also offers pressure leaf filters, also known as vertical filter leaves.

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Brochure and Data Sheet: BASICS 1

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